2020-08-17 - High-dimensional analysis 'homeshow' (ACS & ASI)


Talk 3: clustering and dimensionality reduction

High-dimensional analysis ‘homeshow’:

To continue our commitment to promote cytometry education during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have transformed our popular annual ACS Roadshow to a virtual Homeshow! The topic will be on the most voted “High Dimensional Data Analysis Strategies”.

The Homeshow will be held across 5 days with a 60 minute interactive lecture in the morning with plenty of time for Q&A and a 90 minute Hand-on workshop in the afternoon (in two streams). The highly qualified HiDi gurus will share their experiences in many hot topics of HiDi data analysis and present the strategic approaches of HiDi data analysis.

When will ACS Homeshow be held?

August 17th – 21st, 2020

HiDi Presenters:

  • Thomas Ashhurst – High-Dimensional Cytometry Specialist, Sydney Cytometry Facility, The University of Sydney
  • Felix Marsh-Wakefield – Discipline of Pathology, School of Medical Sciences, The University of Sydney
  • Givanna Putri – School of Computer Science, The University of Sydney


  • Data preparation and batch alignment
  • Clustering and dimensionality reduction
  • Quantification and statistics
  • Specialist tasks


Resource and recordings:

Written on August 17, 2020