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Engagement in the Human Cell Atlas and other communities


We are actively involved in the Human Cell Atlas (HCA) community, including attendance at HCA general meetings in Hinxton, UK (2018), and Tokyo, Japan (2019), seeking to help define the contribution of high-dimensional cytometry and imaging technologies to the HCA objectives (Czechowska et al. 2018, WS06: ‘Cytometry in the Era of the Human Cell Atlas’). We also presented on Spectre, one of our computational tools, at the HCA Asia meeting (virtual) in 2020.


We have taken a key role in two roadshows hosted by the Australasian Cytometry Society (ACS): Polychromatic Flow Cytometry in 2016 (Dr. Pratip Chattopadhyay and Thomas Ashhurst), and High-Dimensional Cytometry Analysis in 2020 (Dr. Thomas Ashhurst, Dr. Felix Marsh-Wakefield, and Givanna Putri).