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Research overview

Overview: beginning in the laboratory of Prof. Nicholas King (Pathology, USYD), and now continuing within the Sydney Cytometry Facility (USYD) and the multi-disciplinary Immune Dynamics team, our work involves the development and application of a range of high-dimensional single-cell cytometry/imaging technologies and assays, as well as computational analysis approaches, to map dynamic immune responses over time, space, and disease. We collaboratively apply these approaches to the study of immunology and infectious disease, including emerging pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19Zika virus encephalitis, and West Nile virus encephalitis. We then explore how these datasets, technologies, and analysis methdologies may contribute to, or benefit from, efforts such as the Human Cell Atlas (HCA).


This research work is summarised in the following pages:

  1. High-dimensional cytometry and imaging technologies
  2. Computational and spatial analysis approaches
  3. Application to disease (incl. COVID-19)
  4. Engagement in the Human Cell Atlas (HCA) and other communities

An overview of this work can be found in this Oz Single Cell webinar 2020 on computational biology and this Fluidigm webinar 2020, featured on the ‘COVID-19 resources’ page.