2020-10-28 - 'Integration, exploration, and analysis of high-dimensional single-cell cytometry data using Spectre' published


Spectre is an R package that enables comprehensive end-to-end integration and analysis of high-dimensional cytometry data from different batches or experiments. Spectre streamlines the analytical stages of raw data pre-processing, batch alignment, data integration, clustering, dimensionality reduction, visualisation and population labelling, as well as quantitative and statistical analysis. To manage large cytometry datasets, Spectre was built on the data.table framework – this simple table-like structure allows for fast and easy processing of large datasets in R. Critically, the design of Spectre allows for a simple, clear, and modular design of analysis workflows, that can be utilised by data and laboratory scientists. For more information, check out our ‘about Spectre’ page.

Code/download: Github page.

Manuscript: bioRxiv.

Presentation: Oz Single Cell webinar series, 2020.

Written on October 28, 2020