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  1. HM McGuire*, TM Ashhurst* (eds). 2019. Mass Cytometry: Methods and Protocols. Springer New York.

Lead, senior, or corresponding author

  1. Givanna H Putri, Jonathan Chung, Davis N Edwards, Felix Marsh‐Wakefield, Irena Koprinska, Suat Dervish, Nicholas JC King, Thomas M Ashhurst*, Mark N Read*. 2022. TrackSOM: mapping immune response dynamics through clustering of time‐course cytometry data. Cytometry Part A.

  2. TM Ashhurst*, F Marsh-Wakefield*, GH Putri*, AG Spiteri, D Shinko, … 2021. Integration, exploration, and analysis of high-dimensional single-cell cytometry data using Spectre. Cytometry A. Corresponding author.

  3. P Niewold*, TM Ashhurst*, AL Smith, NJC King. 2020. Evaluating spectral cytometry for immune profiling in viral disease. Cytometry Part A.

  4. TM Ashhurst, DA Cox, AL Smith, NJC King. 2019. Analysis of the murine bone marrow hematopoietic system using mass and flow cytometry. Mass Cytometry, 159-192

  5. R Salomon*, C Hall*, TM Ashhurst* (2019). Cytometry in the Era of the Human Cell Atlas (WS06). Part of: K Czechowsk et al. (2019). Cyt‐Geist: Current and future challenges in cytometry: Reports of the CYTO 2018 conference workshops. Cytometry Part A 95 (6), 598-644

  6. TM Ashhurst, AL Smith, NJC King. 2017. High‐Dimensional Fluorescence Cytometry. Current Protocols in Immunology 119 (1), 5.8. 1-5.8. 38. Corresponding author.

  7. TM Ashhurst*, C van Vreden*, P Niewold*, NJC King. 2014. The plasticity of inflammatory monocyte responses to the inflamed central nervous system. Cellular immunology 291 (1-2), 49-57

  8. TM Ashhurst, C Van Vreden, L Munoz-Erazo, P Niewold, K Watabe, … 2013. Antiviral macrophage responses in flavivirus encephalitis. The Indian journal of medical research 138 (5), 632

Senior or co-senior author, or co-supervising role

  1. GH Putri, J Chung, DN Edwards, F Marsh-Wakefield, S Dervish, I Koprinska, NJC King, TM Ashhurst, MN Read. 2021. TrackSOM: mapping immune response dynamics through sequential clustering of time- and disease-course single-cell cytometry data. bioRxiv (pre-print).

  2. AG Spiteri, RL Terry, CL Wishart, TM Ashhurst, IL Campbell, MJ Hofer, NJC King. 2021. High-parameter Cytometry Unmasks Microglial Cell Spatio-temporal Response Kinetics in Severe Neuroinflammatory Disease. Research Square (pre-print).

  3. GH Putri, I Koprinska, TM Ashhurst, NJC King, MN Read. 2021. Using single-cell cytometry to illustrate integrated multi-perspective evaluation of clustering algorithms using Pareto fronts. Bioinformatics. Supervising role.

  4. GH Putri, MN Read, I Koprinska, TM Ashhurst, NJC King. 2019. Dimensionality Reduction for Clustering and Cluster Tracking of Cytometry Data. International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, 624-640

  5. GH Putri, MN Read, I Koprinska, D Singh, U Röhm, TM Ashhurst, NJC King. 2019. ChronoClust: Density-based clustering and cluster tracking in high-dimensional time-series data. Knowledge-Based Systems 174, 9-26


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