2021-09-30 - ACS hour - cytometry analysis best practices (30-Sept, 2021)


Interested in how to get the most out of your highdimensional cytometry data analysis? Join Laure Ferrer, Sam Small, Geoff Kraker, John Zaunders, and myself this week for the next ACS hour! Thur 30-Sept, 12 pm AEST/3pm NZDT.


Features resources

  1. Spectre website: https://immunedynamics.io/spectre. Contains protocols and tutorials on high-dimensional analysis approaches.
  2. ACS website: https://cytometryconference.org.au
  3. ASI Systems Immunology website: https://www.immunology.org.au/asi-programs-and-opportunities/special-interest-groups/systems-immunology


  1. Paper: An updated guide for the perplexed: cytometry in the high-dimensional era. Liechti et al. (2021). Nature Immunology.
  2. Paper: Making the most of high‐dimensional cytometry data. Marsh-Wakefield et al. (2021). Immunology and Cell Biology.

Upcoming workshops

A summary of our upcoming workshops can be found at https://immunedynamics.io/workshops.

  1. ASI IgV Masterclass on Quantitative Immunology (online, Mon 25-Oct to Tue 26-Oct 2021): in addition to talks on single-cell analysis, imaging, and COVID-19/respiratory immunology (Mon 25-Oct), we will be offering a hands on workshop (Tue 26-Oct) applying high-dimensional analysis techniques to profile the immune response to COVID-19 in the blood and respiratory tract.
  2. ACS Annual Meeting (online, Sun 7-Nov to Wed 10-Nov): as part of the annual conference we will be offering a number of workshops on high-dimensional analysis approaches, including the optimisation of clustering and dimensionality reduction, as well as methods for batch correction and data integration.

Written on September 30, 2021