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Key Spectre publications

User stats

Since the launch of our hosting website in March 2021, the software and associated protocols have attracted >4700 unique users (as of August 2022), averaging 330 new users per month from across the world, including Australia (25.7%), United States (26.6%), Germany (11.08%), United Kingdom (5.1%), China (4.44%), among others.

Works citing Spectre

Our software and associated analysis protocols have been cited in at least 91 publications since 2018, both with our team and independently, in prestigious journals such as Nature, Cell, Nature Immunology, and Blood. It is also a featured analysis package for the Human Cell Atlas project. Spectre has been used in the study of COVID-19 pathogenesis, vaccine responses, NK cell biology, multiple myeloma, pediatric burns, multiple sclerosis, bone marrow transplantation, and cerebral malaria, among others.

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From evidence at conferences, online posts, or feedback from users, we know that these tools are in use in a wide range of contexts, including universities, research institutions, and biotechnology companies. These tools have also been referenced in a number of online forums and posts.

Select presentations

Online forums and posts

  • ResearchGate: What are the best R packages for flow cytometric data analysis?
  • CyTOForum: FlowJo transformation before clustering
  • CyTOForum: Data representation
  • LinkedIn: Clinical studies, immunotherapy, and more in the Immune Monitoring Biweekly (Issue 27)

Spectre has also featured prominently in community workshops, such as the ‘high-dimensional analysis homeshow’ in 2020, hosted by the Australian Cytometry Society and Australia and New Zealand society for Immunology.